It’s a crying shame.

Proud of Minnesota for voting Bernie over Hillary, but overall, looks like our nation will miss a crucial opportunity. Of course, Hillary will be preferable to any current GOP candidate, all of whom look like first round losers in a reality TV show, including the Donald. But Bernie Sanders is the only one proposing to overhaul the system, from one rooted in neocon politics & neoliberal economics to an American form of democratic socialism. The only person to have dramatically shifted the governing paradigm in the past century was FDR, and he was so successful that he was elected to the presidency 4x.

crying game

This was our moment. But on the left, the old & tired identity politics of the older generations, not just white but black and Hispanic, seemed to trump (sorry) the politics of structural overhaul. Of course the rights & dignity of women, ethnic minorities, various gender & sexual identity groups, etc are very important, but we all have a common oppressor & exploiter in the Washington-Wall St nexus.

How naive can we be?

The Clintons have been at the heart of that nexus, pushing disastrous policies like NAFTA, welfare “reform,” mass incarceration, repeal of Glass-Steagall, support for Iraq War, and countless other neoliberal/neocon policies that led to the financial collapse/Wall St bailout of 2008, that we as a nation have yet to recover from. Hillary, the one who received $675,000 in 2013 alone for speaking to Goldman Sachs, one of the greediest, least ethical, most evil firms on Wall St, a prime catalyst of the global meltdown of 2008 and the loss of millions of homes, jobs & retirement savings – we’re gonna trust Hillary over Bernie? Hillary has captured the old Democratic coalition of identity politics activists, but our struggling nation needs so much more than that.

For a glimmering moment, it looked like 2016 could have been a 1932. But alas…now I’m afraid it’s a crying game. (And yes, I love that movie.)

** Above is a lamentation(appropriately enough) by my brother Jin who lives and pastors to a bunch of really weird people, as evidenced by their inexplicable appreciation for his brand of humor, at a church called Church of All Nations in Minnesota.


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