Mind you, I’m normally a very happy-go-lucky kind of guy, but today I didn’t feel happy nor at all lucky.

First off, one of my worst performances as a budding blogger happened today when I posted my “Why Men Want to be Bruce Lee(written in Korean)” to Huffington Post Korea, then to top off my misery my wife told me in no uncertain terms that (no, no, she didn’t say I had to give up trying to raise an indoor avocado tree in freezing Seoul nor that she was going to force me to eat salad) I’d made a big mistake as far as targeting the audience(she presumes to be some kind of an expert, being a communications prof. who specializes in social media, bah!).

Her point, which I had to grudgingly admit was valid, was that only 50 year-old-plus guys like me would even know or care about who Bruce Lee was. Then I remembered that Huffington Post Korea’s core audience is from 15 to 35 and that they make up something like 85% of the audience. As the saying goes, I’d pitched my idea to the wrong crowd.

It hadn’t even dawned on me while writing that almost nobody reading the title of the blog would know what I was trying to get at, much less not know Bruce Lee. No surprise then that I was shocked to my receding hairline that my view of the world was centrally-challenged(I call dibs on this word in case anyone else tries to claim it), that I was not the median to whom equal number of adherents above and below based their cognitive underpinnings, that I was just plain old.

Actually I should have realized the latter yesterday when the wife and I were talking about the Civil War. I’ve been reading “Paradise Alley” which has heavy reference to the War, and I said to wife “You know, when I moved to America in 1975 that was only a hundred years after the Civil War. That’s only a century, and you know what else? We are both half century-old!”

Now you would think, having called one’s self out like that, I would’ve had enough sense to realize that my perception of my own central-ness could be quite a ways off, but I guess that’s why they have that term… What do they call it? Perception bias? Anyway, this is just a roundabout way of saying that we all think (at least I do) and make the mistake of thinking that we are the center of universe and how such an assumption skews the reality, like it or not.

But then it wasn’t all downhill. To paraphrase the famous apocryphal saying, “What God taketh, he giveth”, and by that I mean my wife kindly reminded me and I had to agree that the main reason I was writing blogs on Huffington Post was for my own pleasure and also as a form of writing discipline, not merely or necessarily to gain million likes(though I’m certainly not saying don’t).



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